Guitar Shops in Wigan

Before learning how to play the guitar, you’ll need to choose your instrument.

There are guitar shops in Wigan where you can purchase an acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar for children or for adults.

When choosing a guitar, it’s always best to look around and pick up and have a play with the ones you like the look of. Not all guitars are the same. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and weights, and what may be right for one person, may not suit another.

Acoustic and Electric guitars tend to have 6 strings, with a few select manufacturers, such as Ibanez, producing a few models with 7 strings. For most of the songs you will be looking to learn, 6 strings are more than enough. Likewise, some bass guitars have 5 strings, but 4 tends to be the norm and is sufficient.Save


Symphony Music Wigan
Symphony Music stock electric, acoustic & bass guitars

Symphony Music on Market Street in Wigan, near the bus station, is a popular choice with musicians with their range of Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Ibanez and PRS electric guitars. They stock other brands besides as well as selling second-hand guitars of various manufacturers. In addition to electric guitars, Symphony Music stock Taylor, Martin, Tanglewood, Yamaha, and Takamine acoustic guitars, and Fender, Epiphone and Squier bass guitars. With inventory spanning three floors, there’s plenty of accessories, from pedals to amps, to choose from and other musical instruments (drums, ukuleles, keyboards, etc) for the budding musician.

Unfortunately, many music shops that used to exist in Wigan town centre have since closed their doors. However, you can sometimes find guitars and amplifiers available at second-hand shops, such as Cash Converters on Wallgate. It’s a great way to find a bargain providing you know what you’re looking for and the guitar or amp is in good condition.

Some shops, both on the high street and online, have special combo deals available for the beginner guitarist, and if you’re buying for children, some guitar companies produce half size or three-quarter size guitars which make the instrument easier and more accessible to play for the younger student.

Left-handed students need not feel left out, as many companies do stock left-handed acoustic, electric and bass guitars too.


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