What Will I Learn on Guitar?

The answer is simple: whatever you want.

Learn how to play your favourite songs and styles of music on guitar. Be it pop, rock, metal, funk, punk, blues, country, jazz, fusion, classical, ska, emo, grunge, folk… the list is endless. If it can be done on a guitar, I can teach it to you!

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Wigan availableWhether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced guitarist, I can teach you in a steady, structured way with each lesson tailored to suit your own individual needs.

You will receive written tablature of songs, scales or techniques learnt during the lesson so you can practice inbetween lessons. Practice is key when learning to play the guitar.

If you’d like to understand the more technical side of guitar playing, with scales, sweeps, shredding, harmonics, hammer ons, pull offs, tapping – whether single handed, two handed or 8 fingered – string skipping, fingerpicking and slide guitar, then I am the guitar teacher for you. I can teach you every trick in the book and all the ones that have been left out. You name it, I can teach it to you.

I also teach the most thorough and comprehensive understanding of blues lead guitar technique in the world.

I have taught literally hundreds of people from many different walks of life, from the ages of 5 to 75, for over 25 years and I can teach you too.

For more information on guitar lessons in Wigan, give me a call on 07946 324 803.

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